• Company Profile

    Company History

    The company was founded in 1970 as a hardware and footware manufacturer. Its primary products are punching machine items, waist latches, hardware accessories, tigerbone shoe latches, and footwear hardware, hardware for lather goods and combination latches. Its management is focused on combined R&D, production and marketing aiming at guarantee for high quality, cost reduction and innovation of products.


    Product Revolution

    Over the past 30 years, Taiwan Fu Da / Mao Chuan has undergone a product revolution of 4 phases that has made it enjoy growth each year:

    Phase Year Main Product Average Monthly output (pcs)
    Phase 1 1971 Combination latches, hollowed nails 1,000,000
    Phase 2 1980 Chicken eye, waist latches 5,000,000
    Phase 3 1990 Tigerbone, half-round latches 10,000,000
    Phase 4 2000 Automotive parts & components,
    construction material & hardware,
    electronic parts & components


    Today, Taiwan Fu Da/Mao Chuan has the following products:

  • Automotive precision hardware, electronic parts & hardware
  • Metal punching for 3C industrial/communication, computer and household electric appliances
  • Metal punching for automotive & hardware, electrical engineering and electronics

  • Management Concept

    In pursuit of sustainable business, the trust and honest based company is in touch with the changing community. Oriented by the market demand, believing in the management perception of Quality First and Customer Utmost, the company is commiteted to delivering only quality services to its customers, with whom the management expects to share growth, a win-win scenario.

    Quality Assurance

    Ever since its foundation, the management realizes that its growth depends on rigid quality and innovative products that assure sustainable support of the customer and it has been doing just that.

    Quality First / Customer utmost / Shared Profit

    Highlights the quality assurance policy of the company, in 2003, it earned the ISO 9001 certification (Germany's TüV). The company's quality assurance policy is interpreted as follows:

    Quality first

    Being fully aware that quality means life to a business, the company is committed to providing satisfactory service and products to its customers.

    Customer First

    Realizing that customer is what the company exist, the management is committed to continuously satisfying customer's demand while setting customer's interests as top priority.

    Shared profit

    By adhering to the perception of sustainable business, the management is making efforts in creating profits by lowering the cost while improving the quality and feeding back to its customer before sharing the profit with the customer.

    Quality Control

    Instruments and machinery

    The company uses a wide variety of equipment that includes projectors, tension machine and hardness meters among others.

    Control System

  • Raw material control: To assure quality, all raw materials must pass the required tests before introduction to production.
  • Production control: By following the control requirements, necessary tests shall be conducted, such as SPC.
  • Final product control: To assure product quality, a finished product must undergo rigid tests as required, including: measurement, hardness, tension, film and salt and mist.
  • Packing control: All packing as required by the customer shall pass rigid checks before release.
  • Product Development

    At Taiwan Fu Da/Mao Chuan, the R&D division is supported by a large number of skilled hands that introduct preliminary product planning in the early stage of development and design of a product. By doing that, the quality issues of the product are studied first before meeting corrective measures to lower risks in having failed modes. The system assures only outstanding quality.


    The Development Flows Go As Follows

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